Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Specialists


How do we proceed?

Beginning with an invitation into your home, we’ll consult with you regarding your wants, needs, budget and ideas. Together, a design solution is agreed upon. Then, we’ll measure, discuss materials and prepare an overall design. First we make it safe, we make it sound then we make it beautiful.

How do I choose the right materials?

We’ll provide you with a variety of material samples from our most trusted suppliers for your selection. Alternatively, we can meet with you at one of our supplier’s showrooms and shop with you. Our product knowledge can be a valuable resource during the selection of materials, colours and finishes to be used in your renovation.

Will I need to call an electrician or plumber?

No. We coordinate the entire job from planning to finish. In order to produce a quality result, it is important to complete every step in the process with an understanding of the next step, trade and task involved. We specialize in kitchens and bathrooms which demand this type of expertise and we use only trusted and licensed professionals.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes. We’ll come to your home where we’ll take the appropriate measurements and assess the scope of the project and what needs to be done. Once everything has been discussed, we’ll provide you with a total cost, including materials.

What happens after the job is finished and an additional repair in another part of my home is needed?

We know how difficult it can be to find someone to do those “little” jobs that you can’t do or just can’t seem to find the time to do yourself. Call us, we’re always happy to help. Our clients are always our best advertisement.